Mickey & Jaws

Aw... here is Mickey Rourke and his chihuahua Jaws. Not a new addition (he's had Jaws for a while) just his new BFF and travel buddy.

Just like Mickey, I also love chihuahuas... I have 4 of them. They rock.

Rihanna & Chris Brown back together?!

Rihanna, baby... love doesn't hurt. Or leave marks.

I hope this is bullshit and she is NOT back with him.

It's The Weekend!

Hey... keep it to yourself.
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New Pamela Anderson No Panty Upskirt Pictures

Sexy Pamela Anderson delights us with a upskirt moment!and it looks like she has role model Britney Spears,she’s not wearing any panties.Pammi will never let us forget what her “private” body parts look like.Click on the thumbnails to see if Pamela is going all the way, or if she's still a good girl at heart.

Gothic Weddings

Your wedding should be a reflection of your love as a couple, your personalities, and your values. Goths are usually very romantic at heart, so it's certainly not unheard of for goths to get married. In spite of occasional discrimination from vicars confusing gothic lifestyle with satanism, handfastings and blood devotion vows are now common enough that there's nothing to stop a gothic bride and groom adding official weight to their love in a way that holds some meaning for them.

Unfortunately, discrimination can occur if a gothic couple are opting for a traditional church wedding. Often, vicars will refuse to perform the ceremony if they feel the couple is 'un-Christian'. Local newspapers will refuse to print pictures of goth couples in their wedding galleries. Unfair discrimination - as usual. As many goths follow various pagan religions, they often choose to have pagan handfasting ceremonies instead of a traditional wedding. Handfasting is a pagan ritual (duh) which symbolises a bond between lovers, but unlike a marriage ceremony is not legally recognised. Handfasting can be performed at any age.

Sharon Stone Braless And See Through Dress

Sharon Stone delighted all at Elton John’s Oscar party by going braless and see through.She knew exactly what she was doing when she put on this dress.And it's not like you haven't seen them before.Click the small pics to see them full size uncensored!

Katy Perry is confused.

I can't tell. Is she trying to be cute? Is she trying to be sexy?

Or maybe she is just trying way too hard.

Criss Angel & Holly Madison broke up

...because he used up all of her make-up. Once the Mac was gone so was Criss. True story.

Flight Attendants by Brian Finke

New project of Brian Finke is devoted to the air hostesses during their work and leisure time. Brian used the services of such airlines as Delta, JetBlue, Hawaiian, Southwest, Song Airlines and even Hooters Air. Moreover, female employees of Air France, Qantas, British Airways, Air Asia, Thai, Tiger, ANA and Cathay Pacific also feature on some of his photos. As a bonus you can find Brian’s previous photosession about cheerleaders, called “2 4 6 8?.

Source: brianfinke